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Our Story

Hi, our names are Jennifer and Brian, we currently live on the east coast of Florida. In 2018, Hurricane Florence devastated our beach town in Wilmington, NC. We were fortunate to come out of the storm okay, but the storm left 24 billion dollars in damage. We were heart-broken for our neighbors. This storm inspired us to react and create a non-profit so we could fundraise and go make a difference as quickly as possible!

 Each fall we patiently wait and pray and prepare for what is next.  Helping people is a blessing for us, our organization, and for our volunteers.  Every dollar you donate is used to help a family or individual in need.  The storms may be big but the difference in people's lives we make are bigger!  Please consider giving and feel free to join us as a volunteer. 

Thank you, Jen and Brian


Hurricane Florence

In response to Hurricane Florence, we raised $30,000 in one week and filled seven trucks with goods that people needed to survive.

Hurricane Michael

When Panama City was hit by Hurricane Michael, we helped raise $30,000 for the children at the children's advocacy center to rebuild their rape center. 


Hurricane Dorian

The following year, 3C expanded beyond the east coast to the Bahamas when Hurricane Dorian destroyed Abaco Island. With the help of our extended Bahamian family, 3C was able to raise over $50,000, which helped fly over 54 families to the U.S. to find a temporary home. 

Hurricane Ian

In 2022, we raised over $10,000 and delivered cash, clothing, food, and more to families in need by visiting the destruction in Ft. Myers beach, Florida. 


Through the support of our volunteers and our donors, 3C is ready and willing to jump in and provide relief when disasters strike. Together, we can provide hope and a sense of home to those who need it most.

Donate and help us prepare for the 2023 Hurricane Season-

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