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Community-driven disaster relief
helping families find HOME again

Our Mission

3C is run by Ohio natives Jennifer and Brian, who have lived up and down the East coast for the past 20 years. Jen and Brian currently live on the East Coast of Florida and continue to help so many in need.

Carolina Coastal Community Hurricane Relief Fund (3CHRF) was organized to be a grassroots, immediate response to communities affected by the damaging effects of hurricanes by providing manpower, supplies, and monetary support. We bridge the gap while individuals work with FEMA, insurance companies, and larger national non-profits to rebuild their lives.

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Let us help you find the easiest way to help!

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Direct Donations

Make a direct donation through PayPal or GoFundMe. Any amount helps!


Donating the spare change from your credit or debit card purchases to help 3C rebuild the lives of those who

lost everything.

Email for more info on how else you can volunteer or donate!

We accept Zelle, checks, venmo, cashapp, and more!

How YOU Can Help

Where do your donations go?

As a verified 501(C)3, we are positioned to get your donations directly to those in need right when they need it. 


Your donations help provide...

  • Food

  • Sanitation supplies

  • Volunteer re-building efforts

  • Temporary housing

  • Transportation funds 

We fundraise before disaster strikes so that when it does, we are ready to help. 

Your Giving in ACTION

Support 3C
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For more information, contact 3C at

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