• Jennifer Kinn

WE need your help!

Our day of giving is coming up June 8th and we need your help:

Please ship a box to Gulf Coast Children's CAC.

Clean out your closets or grab some items when you get a minute-

MAYBE log into Amazon Smile and place an order and have it shipped to the address below BUT make sure you find our organization on the charitable giving link and let AMAZON donate a portion of your order to 3C. NOW you are helping us in 2 different ways at once!

Here is the address and list of items needed:

- Towels, pillows, sheets, mattresses

- Non perishable food, gift cards to Walmart, Formula, diapers, baby wipes

- Clothing is NOT a huge need but if you have clothing that is in excellent condition, We will take it:

Ship all boxes to:

Gulf Coast CAC

Attention: 3C Day of giving

210 East 11th Street,

Panama City, Florida 32401

THANK YOU for finding time to help us with our project to help the Children of the Gulf Coast CAC.

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