• Jennifer Kinn

Meet Jen and Brian

We are the proud owners of this NEW website and the founders of 3C!

Thanks to our volunteer Sarah for taking the time to clean up our logos and create this beautiful site.

Thank you to everyone who supports what we do. We believe God blesses us so we can bless others. We use our network of family and friends wisely. We were in inspired in 2018 to do something big in the world. Our home was spared from destruction of hurricane Florence. We felt a tug on our hearts and said " we don't know what we are doing but we will figure out, lets do something". So many people lost so much. We were heartbroken. So we went into action immediately.

We took some money, energy, and time and created Carolina Coastal Community Hurricane Relief Fund. Here we are months later raising money and still helping those in need. So many are still struggling from the destruction of hurricane Michael and Florence. We do our best to help. So any offerings you can provide we appreciate. It is because of your support we can do what we do. So thank you! Feel free to offer suggestions! Volunteer your time! Donate if you have a dollar to spare! Everything is appreciated!

Join us on our journey....enter your email into our mailing list.

YOU can always email us

Find us on social media- @carolinacoastalcommunity you will find us on FB

Instagram page @3chrfund

Again, thank you for stopping by! Your support is appreciated! Keep checking back for updates, daily blog posts, and upcoming events.

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