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Mexico Beach

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Brian and I had the opportunity to take a couple days and visit Mexico Beach and Panama City Florida. This is where hurricane Michael hit Florida in the fall. We were emotionally overwhelmed and sad for what we saw. You see if you don't see it on the news people think it doesn't exist, but the reality is it does. Here are pics to prove it. We toured the area and talked with some locals who told us 75% of the town is gone. People are living in campers and trailers on their empty property where their houses used to stand because they still have a mortgage to pay. There is little assistance from organizations, people are still homeless, and so many businesses are gone. THIS will take years to rebuild.

Blue tarps line the houses as we drove in over an hour away from where landfall was. Gas stations completely gone but the pumps still stand. People's lives in piles on the front lawns, yet so many still fly the AMERICAN FLAG. What was once a beautiful little beach town is now a war zone. Can you imagine? What can we do as a group of humans to help. The media isn't talking about this anymore, why? We feel humbled, sad, and devastated for so many.

Brian and I are asking for you to continue to support our mission. We gave out business cards and connected with locals. We want Carolina Coastal Community Hurricane Relief Fund to help. If you have ideas, material donations, financial donations, or thoughts please reach out to us. There are just miles and miles of complete devastation and with everyone's help we be the light for our fellow Americans facing dark days.


YOU can also join us on the ROUND UP app and find us on AMAZON as your chartable organization and choose us as your NON profit to support. THANK YOU for all your support friends, lets make a difference.

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